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The Big Match Tactical View: Tottenham v Ajax

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 15/2/20.

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    The Big Match Tactical View: Tottenham v Ajax
    Ajax visit Tottenham on Tuesday night, for the biggest game in both clubs' recent history. Michael Cox analyses the tactics and Alan Thompson reveals his best soccer tips


    Tottenham v Ajax

    Tuesday 20:00,

    Live on BT Sport hai

    Match Odds: Tottenham hai.60, Ajax 3.00, The Draw 3.45

    Dutch FA give advantage lớn Ajax
    Few people would have predicted a Tottenham v Ajax semi-final at the start of this season's Champions League, but both sides are unquestionably here on merit, and no-one can complain about either getting easy draws.

    Tottenham have eliminated Dortmund and Manchester City in the knockout stages, while Eric ten Hag's side have won away at Real Madrid and Juventus. Neither side should have any fears about competing on soccer handicap tip.

    The side have had very different preparations for this week's first leg. While Tottenham looked exhausted in a 1-0 home defeat to West say mê - their first loss at their new ground - Ajax were give the weekend off in order to help them prepare for this tie.

    With both sides preferring to play a high-energy pressing game, that could prove crucial. Ajax, incidentally, have come on particularly strong in the second halves at both Real and Juventus.


    Ajax overloads
    In some ways, this is a classic Ajax side - good possession play, heavy pressing, 4-3-3, some promising graduates from the youth system. But in other ways there are differences: there are a couple of expensive signings in this side, and the key tactical concept from their performances against Real and Juve was bringing one of the wingers inside lớn overload the opposite flank, in stark contrast from their traditional approach of stretching play down both flanks.

    This has generally involved attacking consistently down the right flank. Dusan Tadic drops off into a position between the lines but usually drifts towards the right, from where he regularly combines with right-winger Hakim Ziyech, who cuts inside and shoots dangerously. The real problem, though, comes from the fact that left-sided David Neres doesn't remotely stay on the left flank, and inside moves across lớn overload the right, this could cause Spurs, and Danny Rose in particular, serious problems and the England man could be a value bet lớn be shown a card if you can get around 4.00.

    De Jong to pull the strings
    In midfield, Donny van de Beek doesn't get the praise of some of his fellow youngsters but plays a crucial role in leading the press and breaking forward to the edge of the box. Lasse Schone plays an all-action role to the right, leaving Barcelona-bound Frenkie de Jong to sit deep, control play and sometimes drop back into the back four too.
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